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The NeverEnding Search for Peace Inside Myself... The Continual Follies of Bruce Becker

Another Chapter- Bellows Falls
Reflections for Me...eM
Never End

Spring Contemplation

My treasure is the cloud on the peak
The moon over the valley
Traveling east or west
Light and free on the one road
I don't know whether I am on the way
Or at home.

- Muso Soseki (1275-1351)

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all photos & music by  babecker

images come from the void

originators unclear

Another Chapter- Bellows Falls

Into the Void

Each Night I die so that I may live to see,

What new wonder the day shall be.

Each Morning I awake to seek;

That road that I must take to find,

What life and love have once more in store.

That road may seem long and full of pain.

Is it true, that is to bring some missing  gain?

Thank goodness there is also love,

For it gives all the strength and worth.

To carry thru this my weary search

until night again when I shall die and find,

that I will awaken tomorrow once more to discover:


 That  in the end                                      

The More things change,  the More they stay the same.

Plus Ca Change, Plus C'est la Meme Chose


Sunset on Winter Woods

Come to Vermont!

You will love all 5 seasons.

Aidan and I
Me and Aidan

No matter what
you feel it for,
it is still LOVE.
The object does not
change the emotion.
But the emotion
quite often will
change the object.


Come to me in the silence of the night; 
    Come in the speaking silence of a dream; 
Come with soft rounded cheeks and eyes as bright 
    As sunlight on a stream; 
       Come back in tears, 
O memory of hope, love of finished years. 

O dream how sweet, too sweet, too bitter-sweet, 
    Whose wakening should have been in Paradise, 
Where souls brim-full of love abide and meet; 
    Where thirsting longing eyes 
        Watch the slow door 
That opening, letting in, lets out no more. 

Yet come to me in dreams, that I may live 
    My very life again though cold in death; 
Come back to me in dreams, that I may give 
    Pulse for pulse, breath for breath: 
        Speak low, lean low, 
As long ago, my love, how long ago.

 -  Christina Georgina Rossetti 


Me and Gracie
Gracie and I


Shall I Love again?
It is a Risk to Love
What if it does not work?
Ah!  But what if it Does?

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A Dream within a Dream

Take this kiss upon thy brow!
And, in parting from you now,
Thus much let me avow
You are not wrong, to deem
That my days have been a dream;
Yet if hope has flown away
In a night, or in a day,
In a vision, or in none,
Is it therefore the less gone?
All that we see or seem
Is but a dream within a dream.

I stand amid the roar
Of a surf-tormented shore,
And I hold within my hand
Grains of the golden sand
How few! yet how they creep
Through my fingers to the deep,
While I weep while I weep!
O God! can I not grasp
Them with a tighter clasp?
O God! can I not save
One from the pitiless wave?
Is all that we see or seem
But a dream within a dream?


Become Part of the Void


A Look at My Pottery

Music for the senses and the soul... Hear here a n d listen

Or can peace be found here?


Winter Contemplation

Glyphs from a Place of Peace
On the Connecticut River