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The NeverEnding Search for Peace Inside Myself... The Continual Follies of Bruce Becker
Another Chapter- Bellows Falls

One more bridge to cross
What is on the other side?


The World is such a Beauteous Adventure of Light, Sound, Feeling And Seeing...and it All takes Place inside YOUR Head 


"The Square" Bellows Falls


Here are pictures around Bellows Falls, VT .... This is the area of my rebirth and reawakening of desire.  This is also where I have learned the deepest lesson about love -the fuse that led to my core - the lesson that love can not be controlled, or even understood.  What it can is be EXPERIENCED in all it's pain and all it's eroticism - but it must be accepted for What it is!  It is as elusive as a butterfly on a beautiful summer's day.  But for that moment in time when it is felt - that is what make's it all worth it.


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Mourning Ends and Morning Begins


I mourn a loss that I would take back


As I have waited oh so long,


but it seems you are gone from me...


Farewell! You are too dear for my possessing,


And like enough you know your estimate;


That measure of your worth gives you releasing;


My bonds in you are all determinate.


For how do I hold you but by your granting?


And for those riches where is my deserving?


The cause of this fair gift in me is wanting,


Thyself you gave, your own worth then not knowing,


Or me, to whom you gave it, else mistaking;


So your great gift, with freedom growing,


Comes home again, with better judgment making.


Thus have I had you, as a dream does flatter?


In sleep a king, but in waking no such matter.


After morning, comes evening and perchance


Forever d r e a m i n g.........

R. S.

The NeverEnding Search goes on...

I have a wish that all was different


Life does not always honor wishes


Yet, we still dream and hope


What is there left if we do not


Is what we get all there is?


For We Make Our Own REALITY!













Love and Pain


As the memory of your light fades

My days grow dark

my nights are bathed in candlelight.

But I cannot sleep

I am afraid of the dark.

I am afraid that you will return

And then fade again.

I am afraid that you will never return.

I am afraid that my next thought

Will be of you.  I am afraid

That I will run out of love

Before I run out of pain.

   --For Iris


Out to the wilds...
and back again.